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7 Reasons Why Alie Cline And BuzzFeed Are A Match Made In Heaven

13/10 very versatile, would definitely hire. Likes doggos, external phone chargers, and solving problems with creative solutions.

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7. She's a social media superhero.

Blanton Museum of Art / Via

Seriously. Singlehandedly growing the Blanton's Instagram following over 2500% in 3 years? Find a run-of-the-mill Millennial who can do that for your brand.

6. She's got her finger on the pulse of pop culture.

Facebook: video.php / Via Facebook: blantonmuseumofart

I can haz cheeseburger? So 2007. Mannequin challenge? Now we're talking.

5. Media attention for a series of meme billboards? No problem.

Blanton Museum of Art

Bringing the Blanton to a younger audience is a goal of the museum—Alie assisted with art direction and copywriting for a series of meme-inspired billboards paired with works in the museum's collections. The Austin-American Statesman was impressed.

4. She's comfortable working on a lean team....

Giphy / Via

Coming from the non-profit world, Alie knows how to get things done on a shoestring budget with limited resources. Self-direction? ✅ Self-producer? ✅ Totally rad content? ✅

3. ...but still collaborates across departments with ease.

Giphy / Via

From hosting brown-bag lunches for Blanton staff on how to use Twitter, to sitting on a number of cross-departmental teams, Alie is comfortable interfacing with both internal and external colleagues.

2. She's spoken in Texas and beyond about digital content strategy.

Via Twitter: @aliecline

Developing a strategy for Snapchat. How to handle PR disasters [looking at you, United, Pepsi, and Sean Spicer]. Audience engagement. Alie's been invited to speak at conferences around the country on a variety of topics relating to all things digital.

1. Her work for the Blanton has already been featured on Buzzfeed in "25 Art History Snapchats That Will Make You Giggle" / Via


If Alie was hired as a creative freelancer for Buzzfeed, you can bet she'd bring her A game to each and every project. Thanks for taking the time to read her application! Find Alie on twitter at @aliecline.

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