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    5 Kickstarter Funded Items You Need In Your Home

    Spend a little cash, support a dream, reap the rewards in tons of cool tech.

    Digital Trends / Via

    Founded in 2009, Kickstarter is a platform for creative projects needing a little push, including music, art, movies, and technology. Everything and anything can be supported through Kickstarter! Over 139,000 projects received backing from 14 million people: that's $3.5 billion spent on the platform!

    Kickstarter's reach goes beyond making creative dreams a reality, a new study from the University of Pennsylvania finds. 283,000 part time collaborators are employed, 8,800 new companies and nonprofits have been created, 29,600 full-time new jobs now exist, and more than $5.3 billion in direct economic impact on these individuals and communities has been generated. Kickstarter has also received recognition for helping some of the coolest new tech gadgets find their footing, including:

    Kleverness Lighting System

    Kleverness Lighting System / Via

    Kleverness Lighting System uses your phone to fully automate your home’s lighting, letting you control everything remotely with no modifications or special bulbs. To date, over $150,000 has been funded for the project with an original $50,000 goal, and now has 487 backers.

    This smart tech goes above and beyond its competitors by letting you monitor your energy consumption by room and light - allowing you to see if an old bulb is draining energy and creating higher costs.

    Quilo Fan with Evaporator Cooler and Humidifier

    Quilo Home / Via

    Quilo doubles as an evaporator cooler and humidifier - all while staying below 40 decibels. That's as quiet as a whisper! This 13 pound, wheeled machine has received $80,203 in funding with an original goal of $40,000. 649 backers have helped this eco-friendly, dry skin-saving gadget more than double its goal.

    And it's no wonder! Quilo uses the same amount of energy as a common light bulb - that's ten times less than a window A/C unit!

    Box Lock

    BoxLock, Inc. / Via

    Box Lock is the first internet connected padlock designed to safeguard your deliveries by stopping porch thieves and package pirates and is completely compatible with all major delivery companies.

    Over $54,400 in backing have been provided by 477 backers, more than doubling the investment goal. Even better, it sends your phone real time updates for package updates and deliveries. Say goodbye to the days of continually refreshing your package tracking page!

    Methven Rua Showerhead

    Methven / Via

    The Rua showerhead provides a smart home breakthrough by helping to cut 28% of water usage without compromising the shower experience. The newly designed showerhead provides 20% more spray force, effectively covering the entire body!

    Almost $100,000 has been raised through 439 backers on the product's Kickstarter! The appeal may have to do with the potential savings: the Rua's design can potentially save 14,000 gallons of water a year - that's a possible $236!

    My Smart Blinds

    Tilt My Blinds / Via

    My Smart Blinds is quickly becoming the world's smartest set of blinds, equipped with temperature sensors, solar panels, smartphone connection, easy setup, and voice control. The tech has received over $100,000 in funding through 464 backers. That's more than $75,000 over its original goal!

    My Smart Blinds have already started to return their investors' payments! They help automatically control the temperature and lighting in your household, saving your furniture from sun exposure and your energy bill from unneeded extra cooling.

    ATOS Sofa Armrest Table

    Alessio Rocchi / Via

    ATOS is a unique laser cut, wooden sofa arm rest table that has wowed many with its innovative design. At least $3,717 has been funded, more than $2,000 over its original goal, and it has 47 backers.

    The appeal is a no brainer: ATOS's minimalistic design can hold a tablet upright and provides a flat surface for a mug - all while providing a sleek design digitally handmade in Italy!

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