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Everyone Is Obsessed With This Picture Of Sasha And Malia Obama Meeting Ryan Reynolds

I mean, obviously.

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Sasha and Malia Obama went to their first state dinner Thursday.

The sisters were on fire at the event and even got a shout out from Canadian prime minister and total babe Justin Trudeau.

But there was one moment in particular that got everyone all worked up.

Pete Souza / White House

Here is Sasha Obama, 14, meeting Canadian actor and complete hottie Ryan Reynolds while her sister Malia, 17, watches on.


People are here for the moment.

Malia shading Sasha, probably for fan-girling over Ryan Reynolds. #StateDinner

Sasha Obama meeting Ryan Reynolds is all of us meeting Ryan Reynolds.


malia cheering on sasha as she talks to ryan reynolds. i want this framed

Everyone was keen to point out this was peak sisterly behavior.

Sasha is fangirling over Ryan & Malia is just kinda like "nice embarrass yourself infront of freaking Ryan Reynolds"

Malia Obama is literally every older sibling ever while she watches Sasha meet Ryan Reynolds:

this picture of malia totally cheering sasha on while she talks to ryan reynolds is just so darn cute

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