Posted on Dec 21, 2015

    The 100 Most Corbyn Things Jeremy Corbyn Did In 100 Days As Labour Leader

    Riding a bike in a shell suit like a threat to national security.

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    Rob Stothard / Getty Images
    Rob Stothard / Getty Images

    1. Left his house.

    2. Bought a newspaper.

    3. Allowed Labour MPs to have a free vote on Syria.

    4. Failed to prevent an escalation of the Syrian conflict.

    5. Refused to back down when his haters told him to quit.

    6. Refused to drink Irn-Bru when a can was thrust upon him by an "unidentified" man.


    7. Changed his mind and drank the delicious Irn-Bru.

    8. Did not kneel before the Queen.

    9. Looked out of place in a tuxedo at Buckingham Palace during a state banquet for Chinese president Xi Jinping.

    10. Shook hands with President Xi.

    11. Sat very awkwardly next to David Cameron during President Xi's speech.

    12. Posed holding a giant marrow with a saucy look on his face.

    Jonathan Brady / PA

    13. Refused to support "shoot-to-kill".

    14. Changed his mind about "shoot-to-kill".

    15. Got called "Jihadi Jez" by Sky News.

    16. Was totally pleased when he kept getting mentioned in Rail Magazine.

    17. Helped lure the Fire Brigades Union back to Labour.

    18. Posed a “threat to national security”, according to the Conservatives.

    19. Wore a shiny grey shell suit.

    Stop mocking Jeremy Corbyn's shell suit - he's actually very stylish -

    20. Sold his hat to Brian Eno.

    21. Sold his shoes to someone who wasn't Brian Eno.

    22. Wore Crocs with red socks.

    23. Talked about his “zany” love of drains on Lorraine Kelly’s couch.

    24. Wore a Mr Bean brown suit.

    25. Got a lovely new navy blue suit.

    Pa / PA WIRE

    26. Forced Ken Livingstone to apologise for saying a Labour MP needed "psychiatric help".

    27. Got photoshopped into a bin by The Sun.

    28. Got photoshopped as a court "Jezter" for a story in The Sun, which turned out to be incorrect, according to its own source.

    29. Confused everyone when he was pictured holding a copy of The Sun.

    30. Got accused of sympathising with terrorists and hating Britain by David Cameron.

    31. Accused the armed forces of “interfering” with politics.

    32. Got forwarded a load of sexist texts by Labour MP Jess Phillips.

    33. Said Jesus was a socialist.

    34. Sang Christmas carols outside Morrison's in a silly hat.

    I might disagree with a lot of his politics but Jeremy Corbyn was out today bucket shaking for the refugee crisis

    35. Sang "Happy Birthday" to a woman whose house got flooded in Storm Desmond.

    36. Sang "The Red Flag".

    37. Sang "The Red Flag" again.

    38. Sacked off Sunday lunch after the Remembrance Parade to talk to veterans.

    39. Gave the most minuscule of bows at the Cenotaph. But it definitely was a bow.

    40. Quoted real people at Prime Minister's Questions.

    41. Asked a question from a former BNP leader at Prime Minister's Questions.

    42. Refused to shout at Prime Minister's Questions.

    43. Gave serious side-eye at Prime Minister's Questions.

    44. Caused a massive Labour rebellion.

    45. Gave the Scottish Labour party more independence.

    46. Went for a pint with his supporters.

    47. Got branded Labour's "equivalent of craft ale".

    48. Topped a load of people’s Christmas trees.

    49. Sent a hell of a lot of emails to Labour members.

    50. Got tattooed on a teenager's back.

    51. Had his face carved into a load of pumpkins.

    52. Collared Chinese officials over human rights.

    53. Used bits of speeches rejected by Ed Miliband.

    54. Became more popular than Ed Miliband on some measures.

    55. Hung out with Vivienne Westwood.

    Dominic Lipinski / PA

    56. Said the Cameron pig story shouldn’t have been published.

    57. Got compared to Cecil the lion by Vince Cable.

    58. Made teens on Tumblr ~feel~ things.

    59. Searched for a lost cat in Liverpool.

    60. Made a £10 billion pledge at a No. 29 bus stop.

    61. Had a lot of love for bikes.

    62. Released a Christmas card featuring a picture of his bike.

    Labour Party

    67. Gatecrashed the Tory party conference in Manchester.

    68. Read out “strong message here” from the teleprompter when he wasn’t supposed to.

    69. Was criticised for not going to the Rugby World Cup when it turned out he was helping in his constituency instead.

    70. Tried to engage Eamonn Holmes in an interview that consisted 99% of Alex Ferguson parables.

    71. Won Parliamentary Beard of the Year for the SIXTH time.

    72. Gatecrashed a hen party on a train in Scotland.

    Me and Jezza plus one of comrade Corbyn addressing the hen do. He was a big hit.

    73. Appointed a shadow mental health minister to the shadow cabinet for the first time.

    74. Wore a bicycle helmet.

    75. Went to the Social Bite sandwich shop months before George Clooney made it cool.

    76. Registered to vote.

    77. Performed "Incy Wincy Spider" on a visit to a primary school.

    I'm not convinced @jeremycorbyn knows all the words to Incy Wincy spider but good effort on the actions!

    78. Visited Wales.

    79. Visited Paris.

    80. Celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Race Relations Act.

    81. Wore a Christmas jumper.

    82. Insisted he’ll still be Labour leader in 2020.

    85. Helped a former Labour MP whose wheelchair was stuck on the conference stage.

    View this video on YouTube

    86. Did not bring his wife on stage after his conference speech.

    87. Got a haircut.

    88. Watched England play France at football.

    89. Asked people to be nice to each other online.

    90. Went to a refugee march the day he was elected Labour leader.

    View this video on YouTube

    91. Said he wanted to meet Tyson Fury to and tell him "it's OK" to be gay.

    92. Went to Oldham and got an awkward hug from Jim McMahon.

    93. Didn’t sing the national anthem.

    94. Told John McDonnell to "give a wave, give a wave, John" at the party conference.

    95. Quoted Albanian communist leader Enver Hoxha at the Labour Christmas party.

    96. Went to a Stop the War Coalition Christmas party through the back door.

    Jeremy Corbyn arrives at Stop the War Christmas party

    97. Invited Donald Trump to Finsbury Park Mosque.

    98. Got sidetracked by tigers and rhinos.

    99. Defended the lack of women in top jobs in his shadow cabinet.

    100. Caused Andy Burnham’s leadership campaign team to tweet “fuck”.


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