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This Opossum Giving Her 8 Babies A Piggyback Is Either The Cutest Or Grossest Thing Ever

On which side of the great opossum debate do you fall?

This video of a mom opossum giving a piggyback to her eight babies in New York is being shared a lot at the moment.

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Astoria resident Gene Gray and his wife Heewon Lee spotted the opossum running through their yard.

In the video Gray and his wife can be heard overcome with surprise at the appearance of the animal.

"My wife said, 'Gene, OMG... What is that?'" Gray told ABC7 News.

"I guess the opossum thought it was a nice day as well and decided to take the kids out for a walk. I grabbed my iPhone and after fumbling was finally able to capture the footage."

Gene Gray / Via

They named her OctoPossum because of her eight children.

"Poor OctoPossum looked wiped out, but the little ones held on tight," Gray said.

The video has sparked a debate in the BuzzFeed office.

Gene Gray / Via

There are those of us who think the opossum and her babies are adorable (me, the author of this post) and those who think opossums are hideous vermin (my two terrible and obviously wrong colleagues).

  1. Who is right?

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Who is right?
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    You are! Opossums are cute. Look at those little babies! *squeeeeee*
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    Your colleagues! Opossums are just big icky rats and could never be cute.
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    I don't have any strong opinions on opossums. Why did I even click on this story?

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