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Loads Of People Are Mad At Lily Allen For Visiting Refugees At Calais Jungle Camp

"I apologise on behalf of my country. I'm sorry for what we have put you through," Allen told a refugee child.

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On Wednesday, a video was released of singer Lily Allen visiting migrants and refugees at the Calais "jungle" camp in France.

In the video, Allen becomes visibly emotional while speaking to unaccompanied minors in the camp.

"I apologise on behalf of my country' - @lilyallen meets an Afghan teen living in Calais. Me & @AlexeiBaker went wi…

In a conversation with a 13-year-old boy who fled from the Taliban and ISIS in Afghanistan, she apologises to him.

"We’ve bombed your country, put you in the hands of the Taliban, and now put you in danger of risking your life to get into our country," she told him.

"I apologise on behalf of my country. I'm sorry for what we have put you through."

Allen, a mother of two, visited the controversial camp with BBC reporter Catrin Nye for the broadcaster's Victoria Derbyshire programme.

"No one's chosen to be here. It's not fair. It's a geographical lottery, wherever you're born in the world," she said in the video.

"I know I wouldn't want to end up here. I certainly wouldn't want my children to end up here."

Reaction to the video has been very mixed, with many people attacking Allen for visiting the camp.

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Allen used her Twitter account to reply to many of the hateful comments. She also said she would happily host unaccompanied refugee children in her home.

Despite the significant online abuse, many people showed Allen support for her stance.

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