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    These Award Winning Photos Of Wild Animals Are Hilarious

    The Comedy Wildlife Photography award winners have been announced and they are ~hilarious~.

    Did you know there is a competition dedicated to funny photos of wild animals? Well there is and it's a doozy.

    The Wildlife Comedy Photo Awards have been announced and the winning photos are a sight to behold. Here are the photos which were highly commended by judges.

    This cheetah who took an embarrassing dive while trying to show off in front of their crush.

    Mohammed Alnaser / Via

    This leaping squirrel captured mid jump.

    Julian Rad / Via

    This little dude just remembered that really embarrassing thing he said to a co-worker at the office Christmas party.

    Yuzuru Masuda / Via

    These two just needed a cuddle.

    Tony & Carol Dilger / Via

    This owl is feeling a bit awkward after being caught in a tangle with bae.

    Megan Lorenz / Via

    This hippo just really wants some alone time, geez!

    Marc Mol / Via

    This seal just heard a ~really~ funny joke about your mom.

    Julie Prodanovic Photography / Via

    These owls are disappointed with their cramped new rental accommodation but it's all they could afford.

    Graham Mcgeorge / Via

    This bird who hasn't quite figured out how to look graceful when gliding yet.

    Charlie Davidson / Via

    This Verreaux’s Sifakas who has just nailed this dance routine after hours of practice.

    Alison Buttigieg / Via

    And in third place, this gorilla who doesn't give a shit about your judgement.

    Oli Dreike / Via

    This deer, who is a master at camouflage, takes out second place.

    William Richardson / Via

    And in first place ...

    Julian Rad / Via

    Literally just a chubby hamster going for a run.

    Never change funny animals, never change.