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    Posted on Dec 30, 2015

    These Adorable Old Greyhounds Use An Elevator To Get Around

    Yaeger, Julius, Katie, and Manfred are so over using the stairs.

    Yaeger, Julius, Katie, and Manfred are four greyhounds who live in St. Petersburg in Florida.

    Sheila Venturini

    Yaeger (top left), Julius (top right), Katie (bottom left), and Manfred (bottom right).

    Yaeger is the eldest of the four and suffers from hip problems that mean he can't use stairs.

    His friends, Katie and Manfred, find stairs baffling and upsetting. Only Julius understands the concept of stairs.

    Sheila Venturini


    Sheila Venturini


    Obviously, this all poses some problems for the dogs, who live in a three-story house.

    What do you get a dog who can't walk down stairs? Why an elevator of course!

    Sheila Venturini shared this video of her dad, Maurizio, helping the dogs into the elevator.

    Facebook: video.php

    Sheila told BuzzFeed News the happy pups love using the elevator.

    Sheila Venturini / Via Facebook: sheila.venturini1

    Julius, the only dog who is willing to use the stairs, sometimes "will go down the stairs, then come back up them just so he can use the elevator!" Sheila said.

    "They're all getting old except for Julius, so they couldn't really do stairs even if they all knew how to at this point, so the elevator is easier for them."

    Sheila Venturini



    Sheila Venturini / Via Facebook: sheila.venturini1

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