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13 Things That Happen When You Have Never Dated In Your 20's

Nice guys finish last.

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1. When you tell people you have never had a boyfriend/girlfriend and they are in awe.

2. The first time you get asked out on a real date and you immediately call all your friends.

3. When you don't know what to do on a date..

4. When your date tries to kiss you and you don't know what to do.

5. When you finally get your first kiss after all these years and it is a magical moment.

6. When you realize you have no clue what you are doing...

7. Awkwardly crushing like a teenager from afar..

8. When you hookup with someone for the first time and have no clue what to do.

9. When someone explains what Netflix and chill means and it's not what you thought...

10. When you try to flirt with someone at a party and it goes horribly wrong...

11. Getting rejected yet again...

12. Thinking something is wrong with you cause no one will date you.

13. Realizing you are fucking awesome and anyone would be lucky to date you.

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