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11 Films You Shouldn't Have Watched As A Kid But Did Anyway

Parental controls didn't seem to work.

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1. American Psycho / Via

Extremely bloody for young eyes.

2. Boogie Nights / Via

A film about a pornstar with a very notable appendage, is the last thing a 11 year should watch.

3. Scream / Via

Not enough to give a young kid nightmares, but a complex for sure.

4. Wild Things / Via

I think this goes without saying....

5. Cruel Intentions / Via

A teen classic, but a little too mature for those just hitting middle school.

6. Kids / Via

Disturbing to watch as an adult, but more so as a adolescent.

7. American History X / Via

This critically acclaimed film, is a bit too intense due it's content and subject matter.

8. Eyes Wide Shut / Via

This film starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman before their separation, is a film that not even adults understand.

9. Taxi Driver / Via

A Cinematic classic, but also a blood fest that shouldn't be seen under the age of 18.

10. Basic Instinct / Via

Self explanatory....

11. Interview with the Vampire / Via

Let's face it, you probably didn't appreciate Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise as hot vampires back then.

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