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    Jul 16, 2015

    75 Of The World's Most Insane Diamonds Part I

    Diamonds will always be a girl's BFF, especially if they're this outrageous. This is the first of two articles listing 75 of the most awesome diamonds the world has ever produced. Whether it's their size, rarity or story that makes them exceptional, you'll want to see which rocks rock this list. Speaking of stories, did you know that one famous diamond was smuggled to England in a horse's stomach?

    1. The Orloff

    Famous Diamonds / Via

    In the heavyweight corner we have the Orloff diamond, weighing in at 189.62 carats. This slightly bluish green diamond of exceptional clarity was found in India before the 1700s. It is thought to have been stolen from a temple by a French deserter before being sold to an English sea captain for 2,000 pounds. After making its way through the rough seas and Amsterdam, it is said to be hidden inside a priest’s tomb in Moscow, Russia. Other accounts have it that the Orloff is now in the Kremlin's collection.

    2. Petra Blue Diamond

    Naturally Colored / Via

    Unearthed last year in South Africa, these enormous rocks are showstoppers. One, bluer than the other, is 122.52 carats, making it the largest uncut blue diamond in the world. The stone sold for $27.6 million.

    3. The Black Orlov Diamond

    Gem Select / Via

    The Black Orlov diamond weighs in at an impressive 67.50 carats and is now set into a brooch of 68 diamonds dangling from a necklace of 124 diamonds. Just in case no one notices that you've got diamonds on.

    4. Moon of Baroda

    Leibish / Via

    This 24.04 carat canary yellow and pear-shaped diamond once belonged to the Maharaja of Baroda as part of his treasure collection. It later fell into the hands of Hollywood where it was worn by Marilyn Monroe in the 1953 film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

    5. Cora Sun-Drop

    Cotton and Gems / Via

    The Cora Sun-Drop is another pear-shaped diamond so rare that it's nearly priceless. It weighs in at 110 carats and is the largest vivid yellow pear-shaped diamond in the world. The Cora Sun-Drop sold at auction for $10.9 million.

    6. Hancock Red

    GIA / Via

    Size-wise the Hancock Red may not be impressive -- it weighs in at less than a carat -- but its fiery purplish-red color and unparalleled clarity make it exceptional. Red diamonds of this hue are extremely rare. The Hancock Red was found in Brazil.

    7. The Beluga

    Indulgy / Via

    At 102 carats the Beluga diamond is the largest D flawless oval-cut diamond in history. The stone appeared in an article about blood diamonds in the March 2002 issue of National Geographic. It’s pictured here surrounded by three other stones cut from the same diamond crystal.

    8. The American Star


    Once an unnamed 14.89 carat flawless D-color diamond, the American Star went on to become a brilliant diamond that set the standard for round brilliant diamonds across North America. It was cut over a period of six months with a special instrument, the Firescope, pioneered by the diamond's owners Eightstar Company. With the firescope, cutters can precisely carve facets to control the amount of light flowing in and out of a diamond.

    9. The Agra

    Famous Diamonds / Via

    Have we mentioned that some of the most mind boggling diamonds hail from India? The Agra is a 31.41 carat naturally colored fancy light pink diamond that sold for nearly $7 million in 1990 to a Hong Kong firm. The stone's history has been nothing if colorful: A centerpiece of a Mogul emperor's turban, it was reportedly smuggled to London by soldiers who forced a horse to swallow it. (The poor horse didn't make the 'extraction' in England.)

    10. The Blue Empress

    Embee Diamonds / Via

    A 14-carat pear-shaped fancy blue diamond that is sure to blind the naked eye, this diamond is now set in an 18k white gold necklace with smaller round white accent diamonds. It's prized for its perfectly symmetrical shape. The Blue Empress is relatively new, having been unveiled in 2003 in London.

    11. The Graff Pink

    Steven Stone / Via

    Like pink diamonds? Then the Graff Pink will take your breath away. This rare pink diamond weighs in at 24.78 carats and is now mounted on a platinum ring with two flanking shield-shaped diamonds. Part of a private collection for 60 years, in 2010 it was sold for $46 million in Geneva, Switzerland.

    12. The Florentine

    Famous Diamonds / Via

    The 137-carat Florentine is also of Indian origin, and one of the stones sketched by Jean Louis Tavernier in his famous 1676 book about his travels. The name may have referred to one of its many famous owners, the Medicis of Florence. What’s rare about this diamond is its hue: A light yellow color with a green overtone. The shield-shaped diamond is cut in the form of a nine-sided double rose. The stone was stolen around 1918 and has never been seen since. Rumor has it that it was brought to the United States and recut in 1920.

    13. The Wittelsbach

    Luxuo / Via

    This blue 35.56 carat diamond was passed to Charles of Bavaria in 1722 after marriage. It was then lost during WWI and is now a part of Lawrence Graff’s collection. The price Graff paid: 16.4 million pounds.

    14. The Briolette Diamonds

    EraGem / Via

    Why have just one diamond when you can have several? The Briolette Diamonds are pear-shaped diamonds given by Tsar Alexander I to the Empress Josephine in 1814. The diamonds were fashioned into a tiara for her in the 1890s.

    15. The Porter Rhodes

    Museum of Named Diamonds / Via

    This 54.04 carat gem was discovered in Africa in 1880 and has been recut from its original mine cut. It is named after the American diamond prospector from whose claim the 153.5 carat diamond rough was found.

    16. The Chopard Chameleon

    Picasa / Via Glam Asia

    As the largest known chameleon diamond to exist, it's no wonder that the Chopard Chameleon sold for $10 million. The 31.32 carat stone temporarily changes color, like its namesake animal, and is the largest documented stone of its type.

    17. Donnersmarck Diamonds

    Getty Images / Via

    We bring home buckets of KFC; the Prussians bring home enormous diamonds. A Prussian nobleman gave these showstoppers to his wife. The pear-shaped diamond weights 82.4 carats while the cushion-shaped diamond weighs 102.5 carats. Any single Prussians around?

    18. The Victoria-Transvaal Diamond

    Alfredo Mubarah / Via

    This diamond was cut from a 240 carat rough stone found in a South African mine in 1951. It is now part of a necklace, replete with 106 diamonds, once worn in the 1952 movie Tarzan’s Savage Fury.

    19. Empress' Brooch

    Lauren Joffe / Via

    Another piece of jewelry created with exquisite diamonds, this diamond brooch belonged to Empress Marie Feodorovna. There doesn't seem to be any record of the size of the stones but from the picture you can tell they were a significant carat size.

    20. The Mouawad Lilac Diamond

    Famous Diamonds / Via

    A fancy purplish pink and emerald cut diamond that is quite possibly one of the most unique fancy diamonds in the world. It weighs 24.44 carats and its estimated current value is $20 million.

    21. Marquis Vivid Blue

    Jewelry News Network / Via

    This rare diamond lives as part of a unique diamond ring. What makes the Marquis Vivid Blue special is that it is internally flawless and weights 3.18 carats. It is also marquise-shaped and a fancy vivid blue color. The Marquis Vivid Blue fetched more than $3 million at a Sotheby’s auction.

    Trivia: The marquis cut is attributed to Louis XV, who commissioned a stone cut in the shape of his mistress Madame de Pompadour's lips.

    22. Sotheby's Spring Diamond

    Worthington Jewelers / Via

    Believed to be the largest internally flawless diamond of this pinkish-orange color to date, this exceptionally rare diamond weighs 7.67 carats and is type-IIa fancy. The cushion cut Sotheby's Spring Diamond is surrounded by diamonds.

    23. Marie Antoinette's Diamond Tear-Drop Earrings

    Smithsonian Museum / Via

    They're not symmetrical but who cares? These exquisite diamond drops weigh 14.25 and 20.34 carats respectively. Originally the earrings of the guillotined French queen, the earrings made their way into the collections of Russia's Grand Duchess Tatiana Yousupoff, Pierre Cartier and Marjorie Merriweather Post. In 1964 the earrings were donated by Mrs. Post's daughter to the Smithsonian and can now be viewed at the National Museum of Natural History.

    24. The Bvlgari Blue

    GIA / Via

    This 10.95-carat triangular cut and fancy vivid blue diamond sits next to a 9.87-carat triangular cut diamond in a diamond-studded band. Sold for over $15.7 million by Christie's, the ring was the present of a European businessman to his wife on the birth of their first son in 1972. No pressure, husbands.

    25. Archduke Joseph Diamond

    Daily Mail / Via

    This whopper of a 76-carat diamond is the largest perfect Golconda diamond ever seen in auction. It once belonged to Archduke Joseph who passed it on to his son. The stone was hidden in a vault during WWII and resurfaced in London in 1961. The diamond was sold by Christie's for $6.4 million in 1993. Most recently, Celine Dion wore it in a 2002 concert.

    26. Allnatt Diamond

    Internet Stones / Via

    As fancy as they come, this 101.29 carat cushion-cut fancy canary diamond is believed to have originated from South Africa. It currently shines bright at the Smithsonian Museum. The Allnatt was named after its owner, Major Alfred Ernest Allnatt.

    27. Blue Diamond of the Crown

    See Hope Diamond.

    28. Centenary Diamond

    Hamilton Jewelers / Via

    The DeBeers mine in South Africa is the birthplace of historic diamonds, the third largest of which is the Centenary Diamond. The stone weighs in at 273.85 carats and is internally and externally flawless. It's shown above held by its cutter, Gabi Tolkowsky.

    29. Cullinan Diamond

    Stephen Luscombe / Via

    Perhaps the largest diamond ever discovered at 3,160 carats at extraction, the Cullinan was so big (it weighed over a pound) that it was cut into 11 smaller stones including the 530 carat Star of Africa, pictured here.

    The Cullinan made its way to England as a gift to King Edward VII, who spoke to the Asscher brothers (of the famous Asscher cut) about having it fashioned into a gem. Joseph Asscher broke his blade in trying to cleave the diamond on his first attempt. On the second attempt, the stone split. Urban legend has it that Asscher fainted.

    30. Darya-ye Noor

    IranBild / Via

    A crown jewel of Iran, this diamond surely lives up to its royal heritage. The Darya-ye Noor (Persian for 'sea of light') is 182 carats in weight and nearly translucent with a pink finish. Its pale pink hue makes it exceptionally rare.

    31. Deepdene Diamond

    Internet Stones / Via

    This 104.52 carat yellow diamond was named after the Pennsylvania estate of its original owner, Cary W. Bok, and made its way to Germany. It was later purchased by Van Cleef & Arpels who found out that it was irradiated, or treated to produce its vivid yellow color. After it was confirmed that the diamond was irradiated, the diamond disappeared before reappearing in Germany. It now lives in the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden in Germany.

    32. The Eagle Diamond

    Wikipedia / Via

    What's a list of famous diamonds without a heist? The Eagle Diamond started its journey in Wisconsin where a digger mistook it for a stone and sold it to a friend for $1. Stolen in 1964, the diamond was never seen again and is thought to have been sold and re-cut into smaller diamonds. The above are five views of the stone, the only pictures existing today.

    33. Excelsior Diamond

    Internet Stones / Via

    If you prefer to blind people with your jewelry, then the Excelsior Diamond is all you need. The 971-carat Excelsior once held the reputation of being the largest diamond when it was discovered in 1893. The diamond's light blue and white color makes it very rare.

    34. French Blue Diamond

    See Hope Diamond.

    35. Grand Duke of Tuscany

    See The Florentine.

    36. Golden Maharaja

    Famous Diamonds / Via

    This fancy dark brown colored diamond also originates from a South African mine. Its 65.57 carats were on display at the Paris World Fair in 1937. The Golden Maharaja was sold by Sotheby's in 2006 for $1.3 million.

    37. The Golden Jubilee

    Xinhua / Via

    As fiery as it is large, the Golden Jubilee weighs 545.67 carats and is currently the world’s largest faceted diamond, outweighing the Cullinan. The yellow brown diamond blessed by the late Pope John Paul II is currently part of the crown jewels in the Royal Thai Palace. It got its name from the centenary of the De Beers Mines where the stone was found.

    Enjoyed this piece? Go on and read 75 the World's Most Insane Diamonds Part 2. Research courtesy of The Diamond Broker.

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