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    Updated on Sep 30, 2019. Posted on Jun 14, 2018

    We Combined Your Two Favorite Things By Making The Golden Girls Into Disney Princesses

    The Golden Girls + Disney = YAS.

    We all know that the Golden Girls are true royalty, so being princesses just comes naturally.

    Sophia as Snow White:

    Alicia Herber / Disney

    We all know Sophia probably has 7 boyfriends.

    Rose as Cinderella:

    Alicia Herber / Disney

    And Rose loves a little razzle dazzle.

    Blanche as Belle:

    Alicia Herber / Disney

    Blanche is forever a style icon.

    Dorothy & Sophia as Aladdin & Jasmine:

    Alicia Herber / Disney

    They are free spirits, so this just makes sense.

    Dorothy as Pocahontas:

    Alicia Herber / Disney

    She is fierce.

    Rose as Snow White:

    Alicia Herber / Disney

    She has a heart of gold.

    Dorothy as Ariel:

    Alicia Herber / Disney

    She knows how to make a dramatic entrance.

    Sophia as Mulan:

    Alicia Herber / Disney

    She is tough as nails.

    And Blanche as Sleeping Beauty:

    Alicia Herber / Disney

    Because she is enchanting AF, but also needs her beauty rest.

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