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    21 Facts That Prove Ferrets Are The Most Underrated Pet In The Universe

    Ferret: A small lovable animal, who's got a slinky for a spine.

    1. Ferrets never really "grow up." They are like PERMANENT puppies their entire lives.

    2. They are unique.

    3. They share a common interest with you (sleep).

    4. They are mathematically perfect.

    5. ~Some~ ferrets love to take baths!

    6. They are hypoallergenic.

    7. Ferrets are forever smol. So they are a great fit for people with small spaces or apartments.

    8. They are easy to stack.

    9. They go from zero to one hundred real quick.

    10. When they stick their lil tongues out it's the cutest.

    11. They are highly skilled at romping.

    12. They are Hufflepuff.

    13. They will safely store your valuable possessions under the sofa, behind the entertainment center, and under your bed for you.

    14. Ferrets are pretty quiet creatures, and the unique set of noises they make are delightfully cute.

    15. Could a puppy do this?

    16. They have adorable and unique personalities.

    17. They are very intelligent.

    18. They don't smell if you take proper care of them.

    19. They will put up with your BS for a few treats.

    20. They are extremely affectionate and loving companions.

    21. Ferrets are sweet little angel babies that have a bad rep for being stinky... but in all honesty everything smells.