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    A Raccoon Tried Braiding My Hair Just Like In Pocahontas But Couldn't Pull It Off

    Raccoons have tiny little hands, but can they really braid hair?

    How cool would it be to have a little raccoon friend weave a braid in your hair? Pretty cool, because that's exactly what Meeko did for Pocahontas.

    Chrissy and Selorm, the hosts of Bogus Beauty on As/Is, wanted to find out whether it's possible to have a raccoon braid hair in this week's episode.

    TBH, Chrissy thinks raccoons are cute and totally wanted to hang out with one. She was also kind of obsessed with their tiny little hands.

    So, the first step was to meet an actual raccoon. They went to see Crystal Chen who trains all sorts of different animals for the movie industry.

    Okay, so what were the dangers with having a raccoon potentially braid your hair? They have really sharp teeth and claws, too.

    Before they would attempt anything, Chrissy underwent some training with a couple of raccoons so they felt comfortable around her.

    The trainers used a clicker during training so when the raccoons heard the click they knew they were getting paid for doing something good with food.

    By the end of the training session Chrissy and Daisy the raccoon looked like they were BFFs. And all that tiny hand holding!

    But could Daisy actually braid her hair? It was time to find out.

    First, Chrissy had to divide her hair up into three sections for the raccoon just like you would when you're doing a braid.

    During the raccoon's first attempt, Selorm thought it was just looking through Chrissy's hair for a snack.

    It was time for the second attempt, and Chrissy was feeling hopeful and inspired. Selorm? No so much.

    But sadly, it was not to be. Womp womp.

    Chrissy was bummed. She said, "I need a moment of mourning. I thought this would happen, and it didn't."

    So it appears, boys and girls, that this so-called have-your-raccoon-friend-do-a-quick-braid-on-you Disney beauty hack was totally bogus.

    Watch the entire episode of Bogus Beauty below!

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