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    I Tried Running On Ice In Heels Just Like Elsa And I Totally Nailed It

    Let it go across the ice rink in six-inch heels.

    How badass is that scene in Disney's Frozen where Elsa runs away across a lake in loafers, causing it to instantly freeze under her as she makes her way across?


    Later in the movie, Elsa takes it to the next level by putting on some heels and running across ice again.

    Chrissy and Selorm, the hosts of Bogus Beauty on As/Is, wanted to find out whether that was actually possible in this week's episode.

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    They would test out running on ice in both loafers and heels. Selorm is a big Frozen fan, so she volunteered for this experiment.

    But before they put this theory to the test, they met with Nick Uhas, a science YouTuber. He explained that you need a nucleation site to form ice.


    He said, "[If] somebody touches the water, ice crystals will actually begin to form around that nucleation site and will proliferate outwards from that area."

    Wait. So, when Elsa puts her foot on the water and it turns to ice, that could actually happen? Nick said the answer is yes, but under some crazy conditions.


    Basically, Elsa's foot would have to reach the temperature of absolute zero. Then, upon touching the ice, her foot would have to suck up all the energy and force-freeze the water where her foot is.

    Nick showed us a little experiment on how to make instant ice. All you need is a bottle of purified or distilled water, put it in the freezer for about two hours, strike it with your hand, and that creates the nucleation site.


    You actually see the ice being formed instantly.

    Okay, so back to the business at hand. Nick said the trick to running on a sheet of ice and not falling was to basically galavant across without stopping.


    He said, "The most dangerous part would be slipping and hitting your head. I would wear a helmet." You could also sprain your wrist, or even take some skin off. Ouch!

    Alright, the day had come and Selorm was ready to put on some "loafies" and heels and try to run across an ice rink.


    TBH she was super nervous. This should go without saying, but don't try this at home!

    Just in case Selorm wasn't able to run across the rink in heels, they had figure skater Amber Hurst Martin on standby to give it a shot.


    Aaaaand Selorm was off in her first attempt to run across the ice rink in loafers.


    Okay, so it wasn't exactly sprinting, but she made it across without falling so the first attempt was totally a success.

    Selorm gave it another shot in her loafers, and this time she ran as fast as she could but when she tried to stop...


    Yep. She fell. Chrissy said, "I'm so sorry I'm laughing. Are you okay?"

    Solid effort, Selorm. But now she had to try it in heels.


    And she did it without falling a single time!


    Since Selorm killed their little Frozen experiment, Chrissy thought it would be fun to throw in a little extra challenge.


    She would race Amber across the rink as they both wore high heels.

    Ready? Set. Go! And Selorm took the lead...and won!


    So, they determined that you can, indeed, run really fast on ice and not fall, but they can't guarantee that you won't fall. LOL!


    In conclusion, the whole running on ice in heels we see Elsa do in Frozen turned out to be completely and totally NOT BOGUS.