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    We Tried Prom Dresses Under $50 And Were Super Impressed

    Say "yes" to a prom dress on a budget.

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    Finding the right prom dress can be a struggle. You want to look cute, but you also don't want to spend a fortune, amirite?

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    But what if you could buy the *perfect* dress for under $50?

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    We decided to try a few dresses on a budget to see if they were all they were hyped to be.


    Time to try on prom dress number one!


    Destinee was not mad at her dress, like, at all. She said she would've totally worn this to prom.


    "It was right there with everything I did wear." It fit great in the bust but was a little tight in the rib cage.

    Selorm liked her red number, but thought the fit could've been a little bit better so she would've totally asked her mom to make alterations.


    "It could just do so much more, but it was so close so this is pretty good for a $50 dress, in my opinion."

    Nina's dress was a lot better than she thought it was going to be for under $50.


    "I will say that I do like that it's a high-low. Like a mullet, it's a party in the front. I can really get my dance on. But then I'm elegant in the back."

    Chrissy thought her dress felt appropriate for what it cost. She thought the color was great and the cut was rather interesting.


    "I like the little boob peek. Because high school is just about a little peek."

    Alright, on to dress number two for everyone!


    Nina thought that her dress really didn't look like it cost under $50. It doesn't necessarily look like a prom dress, either, so you could wear it anywhere.


    Chrissy said, "It looks like just a hot person dress."

    Selorm said she would've totally liked this short blue dress for her junior year prom when she went with her friends.


    "I could be like, 'yeah, I'm just a princess in a tutu'."

    Chrissy looked like a Great Gatsby gorgeous goddess in her gold-encrusted dress although her top kept falling down.


    The only thing that was a little annoying was that it was a little crinkly. Might that be the sound of savings?

    Destinee really liked this black dress she tried on next. She thought it was comfortable and she could breathe in it, unlike the first dress she tried on.


    "It's very forgiving fabric but, again, Amazon, we need long dresses for tall ladies."

    Everyone was actually shocked — in a good way! — by these prom dresses. $50 means low expectations, but everyone was still super surprised at how well this turned out!


    Selorm said, "I don't think people would be able to tell that these were under $50."

    So, if you're looking for a place to save money, these ladies thought Amazon prom dresses were a good pick.


    Selorm advises, "Spend all the money on a limousine so you can look fly when you roll up into prom."

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