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    We Tried Running In Custom Glass Slippers Like Cinderella And It's Totally Possible

    If the (glass) shoe fits, run with it.

    Any shoe-loving person has had one of those Cinderella moments where you try on a beautiful shoe and it fits your foot just right. Almost as if it's meant for you and you alone.


    But is that even possible with a shoe made out of pure glass? I mean, Cinderella not only wore but also ran in those glass slippers.

    That was exactly what Chrissy and Selorm set out to find out in their latest episode. They're the hosts of Bogus Beauty on As/Is.

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    Selorm volunteered to give it a try. What's the worse that could happen? Umm... she could bleed to death if she cuts herself, or could potentially tumble downstairs?

    But before going through with this highly-dangerous experiment, the duo met with Antariksh Bothale, a software engineer at Google.


    He also wrote an article precisely on if Cinderella and her glass slipper were even possible.

    Antariksh said he thought Selorm could totally run in glass heels, but it was important to step properly and not trust the shoes too much.


    He said, "If you're running too fast then the heel could potentially chip or break."

    Then then hopped on a plane and went to Dallas, where Chrissy and Selorm met Aaron Tate, a glass maker. He would be creating Selorm's custom-made glass slippers. Ooh-la-la!


    He thought the whole Cinderella running downstairs in glass heels was not quite possible. He said it was impractical because of the shoe's immobility, and he wasn't wrong.

    Then Aaron let the ladies help him out in crafting Selorm's glass slippers.


    It was a complicated process, indeed.

    He even let both Chrissy and Selorm try their hands at blowing the hot glass themselves.


    The had to get the volume and diameter just right. Aaron also used some fire torches to shape the shoes.

    Before they knew it, they had a pair of glass slippers ready to go into (another) over set to over 800 degrees!


    After cooling overnight, the shoes were ready to be tried on. Selorm looked fabulous in her baby blue Cinderella gown and was ready to go.


    The glass slippers were legit. It was like a loafer meets a heel.


    Chrissy said, "This is really taking our friendship to the next level because I'm about to 'shoe' you."

    Then the unthinkable happened. The glass slippers did not fit Selorm's feet. Womp womp.

    BuzzFeed / Disney

    Although Selorm was heartbroken, Chrissy convinced her that they had to find someone else to try it. For science dammit.

    They had no choice but to play out their very own Cinderella storyline at work, as they looked for someone whose foot fit in the glass slipper.


    The experiment was still on. For science's sake.

    Just when they thought all hope was lost, they stumbled upon Jenn and her tiny size 5 feet. She was perfect!


    Jenn agreed to put on the glass slippers and try to run downstairs just like Cinderella. They had a crash pad and a paramedic on set. What could go wrong?

    She even did a little test run in the shoes so she could get used to wearing them.


    Jenn said, "They're not for human feet, I don't think." LOL!

    On her first attempt to run dramatically downstairs as the clock "struck midnight," she totally fell down the stairs. Whoops!


    It looked great, though.

    On Jenn's second attempt to run downstairs, she stumbled a bit, but then Chrissy and Selorm also nervously threw her towards the landing pad. Ha!


    Jenn said, "I got to the bottom and then you guys pushed me." A third try was in order.

    On her third and final try, she got to the bottom of the stairs just fine, but stumbled onto the landing pad once again. It was inevitable.


    It was official. Running in glass heels is most definitely not as easy as it seems.

    Selorm and Chrissy realized it takes some real skills to work a ballgown, wear glass slippers, and do it both elegantly.


    But...the glass slippers never crack and they didn't chip. They were surprisingly sturdy.

    So, technically, the ladies of Bogus Beauty decided that this particular Disney fashion hack was Not Bogus.


    Selorm added, "Not bogus, but not comfortable." Fair enough.