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    I Followed All Of Meghan Markle's Pre-Wedding Rituals And They Were No Joke

    In Meghan we trust.

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    Just in case you've been living under a rock, Prince Harry is about to marry the gorgeous Meghan Markle, a former L.A. actress who's about to become a real-life princess (sort of)!

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    This is Sarah, and she, too, is getting married soon. Like so many others, she's obsessed with Meghan, so she thought it would be cool to do all the things Meghan is doing to prepare for her upcoming nuptials.


    "I'm gonna go on morning runs, use her celeb-endorsed face lotion, take that crazy pilates machine class, and get a buccal massage, which is probably not what you think it is."

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    Meghan says that exercise keeps her grounded as well as in shape, so Sarah started her day off with a nice run through the park.


    Meghan follows up her workout with meditation, so Sarah did that, too.


    "This kind of feels like a waste of time but then again it's nice to have a little rest." Sarah said she honestly started off her day feeling pretty great.

    Next, Sarah tried a skin gel called Biotulin that Meghan is rumored to use. This stuff is dubbed Botox in a bottle. Whaaat?


    "I implicitly trust anything Meghan puts on her face because she is gorgeous."

    Then Sarah went to wedding dress expert Susan Spring to see if she could steal some of Meghan's bridal style for the day.


    Susan said, "Whatever she wears is gonna definitely come down crashing on bridal fashion."

    Susan said Meghan could go for a bohemian look, but thinks she will probably go for a beautiful classic ball gown.


    And since Meghan is a pseudo sort of princess, she will probably have some lace or beading and a super long train.

    Then it was time for Sarah to sweat it out (again). Meghan likes to do megaformer pilates, so Sarah tackled something similar.


    She went to see Anthony Macagnone, the owner of Sal Anthony's Movement Salon, where the workout proved to be a little too intense for Sarah.

    Then it was time for some serious self-pampering with Danna Omari, founder of Noy Skincare, where Sarah went to get her signature "buccal facial."


    Meghan reportedly totally recommends getting this type of facial. It's a natural alternative to procedures like Botox or fillers.

    You guys, this type of facial includes an inner mouth massage. Yep.


    This is exactly what that looks like. As Sarah suggested, this could totally help people who suffer from Resting Bitch Face. LOL!

    When the day was over, Sarah was exhausted. Meghan likes to finish off her day with a glass of red wine to unwind, so Sarah also did just that.


    She enjoyed a nice glass...or two...or three. Who's counting?

    "Being like Meghan Markle was way harder than I thought. Sure she looks cool and chill, but she puts in the work to get there."


    One thing's for sure: Sarah will definitely be following Megan's recommendation for a daily glass of wine. To Harry and Megan!