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    These People Modeled With Toilet Paper And Honestly I'm Floored

    Work with what you've got.

    Welcome to the third episode of "Feed Famous," our social media modeling competition where the finalists battle it out with weekly photo challenges using only their phones.


    It's hosted by the one and only Jazzmyne Robbins.

    Catch the entire episode below!

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    This week's special celebrity guest judge is...GabiFresh!


    She not only has over 600,000 followers on Instagram, but she has her own swimwear line and co-founded a plus-sized line called PREMME (which she and Jazzmyne both wore for this episode).

    In this week's challenge, the remaining four competitors have to make a #notsponsored ad about — toilet paper. Yep.


    They not only had to pose for a photo, but they also had to shoot a scripted ad all in one take. It was on.

    The judges wanted to see if the contestants could try and sell the product, while still being relatable and true to themselves.


    They would judge the competitors based on composition, authenticity and feedworthy-ness.

    First up was Oso who had absolutely no problem with memorizing lines for an ad, but doing it all in one take?


    "Ya'll playin' with me." LOL!

    The judges really dug the ad but thought it could have been a tad too overproduced.


    And although they didn't love the lighting in the video ad, they thought it made it look more realistic. They also liked Oso's two-angle shot.

    Up next was Victoria, who was not excited about this challenge at all. So she decided the best idea for her was to create a dress out of the toilet paper. Whaaaat?


    "I'm selling toilet paper but I'm also selling fashion."

    The judges thought it was really creative of her to make it into a dress. They also gave her major props for shooting that video ad in public.


    Jazz and Gabi also thought the ad was authentic although Victoria was playing a character. Gabi said, "As long as it reads kind of ironic and funny, then it works."

    On to Divinity, who was also super nervous to shoot her video ad all in one take.


    "I fumble over my words all the time."

    Gabi thought Divinity's intro video was so good, that the actual ad actually fell flat. Jazzmyne was also a little underwhelmed.


    They liked the lighting but they thought Divinity is actually way more fun than she came off in her video. Gabi said, "It just felt very sponsored, which is what we're trying to get away from, right?"

    Then there was Enthony, who went into this challenge really trying to push himself even further. He was stoked.


    "I'm gonna add some spice and try to make it my own."

    The judges thought Enthony's ad was amazing and was totally on brand for him. Even though he didn't stick to the script, he totally made it his own.


    GabiFresh also loved that Enthony was the only one to totally embrace this challenge and really showcase the product.

    After some careful consideration, Jazzmyne and Gabi decided that Enthony had killed it so he would be the winner...again. That's back-to-back wins!


    GabiFresh said, "I just really loved how he took the challenge seriously but also made it lighthearted and fun."

    Unfortunately, Divinity's ad fell a little short for the judges this week and they decided she would not be moving forward in this social media modeling competition.

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    Jazzmyne said, "You're one of the people in this competition that is definitely a trendsetter. I'm excited that the world is going to get to meet you through this show."

    Stay tuned to see who moves on to the final three in this one-of-a-kind competition, and who gets kicked off the feed.


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