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    If You Love Disney And You Love Drama, Check Out Our New Show On YouTube

    Disney drama at its finest!

    Remember when As/Is tried getting a haircut using a freakin' sword like Mulan?

    Well, we're back with a whole new season of Bogus Beauty and this time, we're taking on Disney.

    Check out the trailer for the brand spanking new season of Bogus Beauty.

    View this video on YouTube

    That's right. Get ready for an entire new season of Disney-themed drama.

    We'll try yanking on Rapunzel's hair...

    Going "under the sea..."

    We'll even try channeling Pocahontas with real-life animals.

    Oh, and (of course) there will be an ode to Cinderella with an actual glass slipper involved. Whaaaat?

    There will also be a little "Frozen" thrown in, too. Oops!

    Get excited, because you can catch brand new episodes of Bogus Beauty on As/Is YouTube every Sunday starting June 10.