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    Updated on Sep 27, 2018. Posted on Sep 26, 2018

    Attention: There Will Be Scary Clowns Delivering Donuts In Texas

    Boo, bitches! 🎈

    Is there anything creepier than a big-ass clown unexpectedly knocking at your door?

    New Line Cinema

    That’s exactly what Hurts Donut was counting on when they thought of their latest marketing concept that’s straight out of a horror film, but with a sweet twist.

    Hurts Donut / Via Facebook: HurtsHTX

    You see, Hurts Donut will be offering “Scary Clown” deliveries just in time for Halloween in Katy, Texas.

    Yep. This will either be somebody’s worst nightmare, or one of the most memorable experiences of their lives.

    Needless to say, everyone is talking about this super creepy promotion just in time for Halloween.

    @ElisaRockDoc @drewlinskii But here we have Hurt’s which will have a creepy clown deliver the donuts around Halloween. What’s not to love?

    They're even delivering to schools!

    my sister just paid a clown to come to my school & chase me through the halls & delivered me hurts donuts. I have never ran so fast. 😭🤡

    I mean, you can't argue with this reaction.

    Fayetteville's Hurts Donut Co. delivers donuts, with a catch. A Scary Clown!

    Those with a twisted sense of humor will now have this option for both tricks and treats.

    Hurts Donut Company / Via

    People can also enter to win a dozen donuts complete with scary clown delivery.

    What a "treat."