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    Wendy's Just Debuted This Frosty Cookie Sundae Dessert And OMG Have Mercy

    Frosty + cookie + sundae = heaven

    Just when you thought Wendy’s Frosty menu wasn't as robust as you hoped, they tweeted out these three words:

    I'm talking about this Frosty Cookie Sundae they just announced will be available for a limited time at participating locations.

    Wendy's / Via

    There are two versions of this new dessert wonder. You can get either a vanilla (game-changer!) or chocolate Frosty, and then top that sucker with “chocolate chunk cookie bites and Ghirardelli chocolate sauce.”

    Wendy's / Via

    Ghirardelli basically makes that fancy hot chocolate that the rich kids always had in their pantries when you were growing up. It's the good stuff.

    To say people are excited is a clear understatement.

    New from @Wendys, retweet to save a life

    This reaction courtesy of Get Out says it all.

    Boss move, Wendy's. *slow clap*

    @LoveGhirardelli @Wendys Just stepped up your game @Wendys ! Artisan desserts? BOSS level achieved

    Let me remind you that this is for a LIMITED TIME ONLY. There is no guarantee that Wendy's will keep it on their menu.


    So you can choose to support the Great Frosty Upgrade cause with your wallet. Or not.

    Let’s help them make that decision, shall we?

    1. What do YOU think of this new Wendy's Frosty concoction?

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    What do YOU think of this new Wendy's Frosty concoction?
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      It's beautiful
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      It's a litttttle extra
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      Kinda gross, tbh

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