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    A Vita Coco Employee Spectacularly Responds To An Online Hater With A Jug Of Pee

    Piss and tell.

    How far would you go to “own” someone who’s trashing your brand?

    Rosanna Pansino / Via

    Well, Vita Coco has set a new standard.

    Twitter: @VitaCoco / Via

    Hard to say if it's a new low or a new high.

    You see, it all started when someone named Tony Posnanski picked a Twitter feud with the company that quickly elevated to him saying: “I would rather drink your social media person's piss than coconut water.”

    That's basically the entire convo.

    That’s when Lane Rawlings, Vita Coco’s social media coordinator, tweeted this photo of herself holding a large jar with some yellow liquid by a bathroom stall door.

    Whaaaaat? Vita Coco’s brand director Allison Finazzo told the Huffington Post that they will go to great lengths to prove haters wrong.

    Obviously, they’re not messing around, and people were so here for it.

    This is probably the most creative thing to happen in marketing in ages.

    This interaction was a hit any way you look at it.

    @VitaCoco This has made my day today!!

    They even inspired others to pee in a jug. LOL!

    @VitaCoco If I pee in a jug in solidarity will you send me a case of VitaCoco sweet beloved brand

    I mean, even Chrissy Teigen chimed in.

    @tonyposnanski u deserve it Tony I am proud to have worked with them !!!!

    She wrote: "u deserved it Tony I am proud to have worked with them!!!!"

    Tony later admitted to HuffPost that he thought the pee jug photo “was an awesome comeback.” Look, he even tweeted about it.

    Vito Coco is also proud of this response. So much so that it made Lane's viral photo its new profile pic.