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    Burger King Announces Vegetarian 'Impossible Whopper' Burger Is Going National

    Have it your way. 🍔

    It certainly looks like there will be a new vegetarian-friendly sandwich option from one of the major fast food chains.

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    That’s because Burger King just announced that their “vegetarian Whopper” test was such a success, that they’re planning to sell the burger at all of their locations.

    Burger King

    It's called the “Impossible Whopper,” which they debuted on April 1st in St. Louis using a plant-based patty.


    The patties are from Impossible Foods, and were designed to look and feel just like “regular

    The President of Burger King added that the Impossible Whopper was created to “give somebody who wants to eat a burger every day, but doesn’t necessarily want to eat beef everyday, permission to come into the restaurants more frequently.”

    Burger King

    People are psyched about this news. Burger King is even making some new fans.

    @BurgerKing Imma follow you, but you gotta tell me when the impossible burger whopper gets to Texas, mmmmkay?

    Yes yes YES YES!!! Burger King is taking its vegan Impossible Whopper national this year by @tictoc

    @russellholly Haven't had a Whopper in 10 years. But I'll be willing to try an Impossible Whopper, skipping the fries and soda.

    But not everyone is totally on board.

    @PoshoDev My question is why call it the Impossible Whopper God knows those things are so chock full of artificial preservatives that you could make one out of used napkins

    However, most people are really excited about it.

    Me on my way to Burger King when the #ImpossibleWhopper drops. 😋

    These new plant-based Whoppers are expected to be available at a Burger King near you sometime by the end of the year.

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