This Eatery Replaces Bread With Pickles On Their Sandwiches And It's Become A Thing

    'Dill' me in!

    If you’re looking to skip the carbs and also happen to be a huge pickle-lover, this food news is for you.

    We’re talking about this incredible sandwich sans the bread, but...where the pickles are the bread.

    That’s what an eatery called Elsie’s is doing in Haddown, Township near Philedephia.

    That’s right. The cooks at Elsie’s are “sandwiching” the goods with a couple of thick-ass pickles instead of bread.

    These sandwiches are being touted as the perfect snack for any pickle-loving person.

    People are pumped about this new concoction. And dropping the obvious puns.

    This is a huge dill! 🥒

    @ashleymcnamara Damn this looks good. Now I what a Rueben sandwich made with pickle.

    @pydanny Omg. If I could still eat pickles this would be my favorite sandwich! Maybe if I drink half a bottle of Maalox before and after, I could know this joy...😭😫😪😢

    It's also fair to say not everyone is a fan.

    @jettila Definitely a no. I like pickles on my sandwich with bread but not as the bread.

    @BenSaunders Just realized you said you were pro pickle sandwich 😂 I love pickles but I’m team bread always I guess.

    And then someone chimed in with a question that really makes you go hmmmm.

    @shaneferro If it has pickles instead of bread is it still a sandwich @SMTuffy?

    "If it has pickles instead of bread is it still a sandwich?"

    Wait. Might this be the beginning of a new "pickle wrap" trend?

    A girl can dream...

    So I’m all for this pickle sandwich crave. Give me all the pickles.