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    Baller Move By This Lottery Winner Who Wore A Scream Mask To Pick Up His Prize

    Baller move.

    Have you ever imagined yourself winning the lottery, but then realized everyone would probably start hitting you up for money as soon as they saw your mug on TV?


    Well, that might have been exactly what this man in Jamaica was thinking when he showed up to collect his winnings wearing a Scream mask.

    This is that happiness only a #SuperMillionaire knows about😎

    This is definitely one way of trying to prevent the public from knowing you’ve just become a millionaire.

    SVLGrp / Via Twitter: @SVLGrp

    And people are loving this move.

    this dude showed up to collect his lottery check in a Scream mask 😂😂😂

    Is that... ghostface?! A lottery winner in Jamaica who wanted to remain anonymous chose the mask from the movie Scream to conceal his face.

    ABC7 reports he won the Super Lotto, making him roughly $1.17 million richer.

    SVLGrp / Via Twitter: @SVLGrp

    The man simply identified himself as A. Campbell. Another badass move in an attempt to keep his anonymity.

    He also reportedly waited almost two months (54 days) to cash in his winning ticket.

    SVLGrp / Via Twitter: @SVLGrp

    Mr. Campbell is being hailed as a hero by some for this unorthodox move.

    This guy posing with a winning lottery ticket while wearing the ghostface Scream mask is our hero💰🔪

    This habit of lottery winners wearing masks to claim the prize money is reportedly becoming somewhat of a trend.

    And just like that, N. Gray goes from being an ordinary Jamaican to a #SuperMillionaire. Congratulations from Supreme Ventures.

    I mean, can you blame them?

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