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    A New Type Of Photo Shoot Is Born For Grad Students And Their Thesis

    Another type of hard "labor."

    We’ve all seen our fair share of “Meet my new baby!” pics by now. You know, the adorable shot of the tiny newborn wrapped up all nice and warm.

    Well, that’s exactly what grad student Sarah Whelan Curtis did, too. But not with a human baby.

    Yes, I did a photo shoot with my thesis. Longest labor ever. #phdlife

    Her caption reads: "Yes, I did a photo shoot with my thesis. Longest labor ever. #phdlife."

    You see, Sarah is a graduate student at Emory University in Atlanta, and she wanted to celebrate her “longest labor ever” by taking these awesome photos posing with her thesis on genetics as if it were her new baby.

    The thesis reportedly took Sarah four years to complete. I mean, can you imagine a four-year pregnancy?

    People are loving this unlikely photo shoot, with other PhD students proudly sharing their "labor" stories, too.

    @sarahwcurtis Congratulations! I am into the 66th month of labour and expecting soon.

    @sarahwcurtis Thank you for causing a very big laughter at a breakfast table in Frankfurt, Germany. My partner LOVES the idea and feels you very, very, very much. Congrats!

    And inspiring other doctoral candidates to maybe take similar pics once they're done.

    @terisasiagatonu @sarahwcurtis Wow now I have no choice but to do this

    @sarahwcurtis @IliAdibah OMG SIS SAME ENERGY

    Do we smell a new trend?

    @SarahMackAttack @sarahwcurtis Why did I not do this whyyyyyy

    Sarah told Yahoo Lifestyle that her mom had given her an ultimatum: “Either get a PhD or give me a grandchild. I got my doctorate.”

    Congrats, Sarah!