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    Posted on Jan 29, 2018

    Police Were Surprised To Find A Donkey Leading A Herd Of Animals On A Midnight Stroll

    Let's blow this joint.

    Police officers see a lot of shit. Officers in West Covina, California added another WTF moment to that long list with this:

    West Covina Police Department / Via Facebook: WestCovinaPD

    Turns out, a rogue donkey led several sheep and goats on a late-night walk along a residential street. What a badass!

    West Covina Police Department / Via Facebook: WestCovinaPD

    People are loving this unlikely story.

    @WestCovinaPD lol... to funny and cute ...the donkey goes : let's go kids we are going for window shoping in the city ...

    And this donkey is quickly becoming "internet famous."

    @WestCovinaPD Figures. One of those moments that reminds me why I am as nutty as I am. Born in West Covina, and hap…

    Police got a call at around 12:30 a.m. on Thursday that there was a herd wandering the streets. LOL! Look:

    Facebook: WestCovinaPD

    The rebel herd had reportedly escaped through an unsecured gate. Their owner was eventually called to collect his animals. Womp womp.

    DreamWorks Animation

    But they were free, dammit! If only for a moment.

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