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An Artist Draws The Everyday Joys Of Being In Love And Happily Married


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Yehuda creates comic-style drawings of his everyday life with Maya for a fun series called "One of Those Days."

jude_devir / Via

He tells BuzzFeed, "My inspiration is my everyday life with my wife. Our comics [are] based on real-life moments that happened to us and were worth creating a fun memory by illustration."


Or this one, where they're hilariously examining her booty and his tummy with a caption that simply says: Nobody is perfect. LOL!

jude_devir / Via

Yehuda said he and Maya usually come up with a concept for each illustration after something interesting happens.

Then there's this awesome depiction of them unapologetically rocking out in their car. So cool!

jude_devir / Via

Yehuda said Maya (also an artist) usually adds her two cents on everything from the color to the typography.


Check out more of Yehuda's work on his Facebook and Instagram. You can also support his work here.

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