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    This Artist Draws Monster-Like Renditions Of Our Favorite Pop Culture Characters

    No kids allowed.

    Meet Dino Tomic, a 26-year-old Croatian artist based out of Norway, who’s drawing super creepy (and incredibly awesome) versions of some of our favorite cartoon characters.

    Like this "creepy-fied" version of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

    And check out these monster-like versions of the Mario Bros. gang.

    Or the famous foursome from The Wizard of Oz.

    And how about these deranged-looking Teletubbies?

    Dino also drew this not-so-kid-friendly rendition of Monsters, Inc. Ouch!

    And there's also the "Mystery Incorporated" gang from Scooby-Doo.

    And The Family Guy...

    There's even Donkey and Shrek.

    And don't forget good old Lilo and Stitch (after dark).

    Dino has amassed a following of almost 600,000 Instagram followers so far, and said it feels great to get accolades and acknowledgment about his work.