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    Embroidery Tattoos Are "Popping Up" Everywhere And You'll Quickly See Why

    Stitch me up!

    When it comes to tattoos, there’s no shortage of ways people can get creative.

    Sean Buckelew / Via

    Well, now there’s a whole new type of tattoo that looks like it's actually embroidered on the skin.

    These “embroidery tattoos” seem to be all the rage nowadays.

    Many feel this style of tattoo looks both original and unique, but also traditional and culturally rich.

    You can get as detailed and creative as you want, as you can see from this busy bird design.

    Or you can keep it nice and simple, like this classic AC/DC logo tattoo.

    Some people are admitting to being officially obsessed with this new type of tattoo.

    It actually makes it look like there's a piece of yarn weaved in and out of your skin.

    Look, there's even a Baby Hulk design out there.

    And check out this gnarly multicolored butterfly design?

    It looks like these embroidery tattoos are here to stay, so get ready to see a lot more of these babies on your friends.

    Lovely, just lovely.

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