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    These Two Cats Live By Themselves In A Silicon Valley Casita For $1,500 A Month

    The fab feline life.

    Most everyone knows the struggle to make rent every month is all too real.

    Quinta B / Via

    But not for these two cats! Meet Louise and Tina.

    They also happen to live (by themselves) in a casita behind a single family home in Willow Glen in Silicon Valley.

    Wait. What?

    Shalita Grant / Via

    That’s right. The two lucky cats reportedly like to lounge around the cat tree in their very own studio apartment, according to their landlord.

    KPIX / Via

    David Callisch told CBS affiliate KPIX, “It’s quirky isn’t it? I never planned for this to happen. People love their pets, they’re part of their family, so I wanted to help out my buddy.”

    His buddy is the father of Victoria Amith, a freshman at Azusa Pacific University in Southern California, who couldn’t have Louise and Tina live with her in the dorms.

    David said his tenants mind themselves, don’t complain (LOL), and he always gets their $1,500 a month for rent on time.

    Obviously, people have thoughts about this unusual housing situation.

    @KPIXtv @BettyKPIX This is why we have a housing crisis. The level of afflueza in the Bay area is astounding.

    @KPIXtv @KNX1070 @BettyKPIX People are homeless and starving and this schmuck is paying $1500/month to house his kid's cats? Why not at least let someone live with the cats and take care of them in exchange for a place to live? SMDH

    But there's also people giving kudos to the dad.

    @KPIXtv @BettyKPIX This warms my heart! Wow! #bestdadaward 🎖🐈❤

    And at the end of the day...

    @KPIXtv @KNX1070 @BettyKPIX 😂😂😂 his money! He can do what he wants!

    But don't be too jealous. Victoria told KPIX this is only temporary, as she plans to get her own apartment after the school year.

    Check out the full story here:

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