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    This Russian Fisher's Photos Of Monster-Like Fish Is Blowing People's Minds

    Enter at your own risk.

    Imagine going out to sea for months at a time where you have zero clue what types of creatures (big and small) you may come across.

    Such is the life of Roman Fedorstov. He’s a Russian deep sea fisherman who willingly goes out in search of the unknown.

    Last month, he announced his return to sea, much to the delight of his curious followers.

    Hello everyone! I will be at sea for 2,5 months. Without internet(((. See you in late autumn. I hope you will like my new photos! Good luck! Добрый день, друзья! Ухожу в море на 2,5 месяца. Интернета не будет. Не теряйте меня. Всем удачи! 📷 от Алексея Ермашова.

    His post read: “I will be at sea for 2.5 months. Without internet. See you in late autumn. I hope you will like my new photos!”

    Roman first began sharing photos of the most unbelievable creatures in 2016 on both Twitter and Instagram, quickly gaining him a following due to the bizarre nature of his discoveries.

    Most of his catches make you do a double take. I mean, check out this guy and his "monster" teeth.

    I hope you’re not eating at this moment) Надеюсь Вы не кушаете в данный момент)

    This "unusual cod" found in Norway is one of his latest discoveries.

    [Enter sad face emoji].

    Pale toadfish. Sad unusual fish 📷 by @BritFinucci

    Then there's this curious thing that looks a lot like...a sea cucumber?

    What do you think about this creature?May be sea cucumber, may be... Как Вам такое существо? Может быть голотурия, может быть...

    Most of these sea creatures look like nothing most of us have ever seen before!

    Fantastic Moray Eel Красивая такая Мурена 📷 by

    Now people can’t get enough of these super freaky fish that most of us are seeing for the first time ever!

    @rfedortsov OMG this fish might be my favorite out of all the fish photos you have taken, he is so ugly I love it

    Hey, one thing’s for sure. All the disturbing water beasts we’ve come to know from Hollywood films ain’t got a thing on these real-life sea creatures.