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    These Hilarious Comics Are Brutally Honest About Everday Girl Problems

    The struggle is real.

    Meet artist Akshara Ashok. She’s an illustrator from India who has figured out how to channel the angst that comes with being a girl into hilariously popular comics.

    She tells BuzzFeed she’s always loved art, and has been drawing ever since she could hold a pencil. Akshara began drawing comics and sharing them online in May 2017.

    Her work has proven to be all too relatable. Akshara thinks its because her work is simple and raw.

    Like when you try on clothes at the store.

    Or when your hair looks freakin' perfect right before you get in the shower.


    Then there's when your expectations don't exactly line up with your reality.

    And this diagram of types of panties is funny because it's totally true.

    She also dedicates a lot of her comics to girls during that time of the month...and they're hilarious.

    Akshara said she’s very grateful for the love and support she’s received surrounding her work.