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    Parents Say The "It" Sequel Billboards Are Giving Their Children Nightmares

    Mission accomplished?

    It’s official: The promotional billboard for the upcoming sequel IT: Chapter Two is absolutely terrifying.

    Just ask kids over in Australia, whose parents have complained about the huge poster “terrifying” their children.

    One of the billboards can be seen on a roadside in Brisbane, where residents (and their kids) are reportedly none too pleased to look up and see a huge, smiling Pennywise staring devilishly down at them.

    One woman told 9News that the IT sequel billboard is giving her daughter, Piper, nightmares.

    Another mother actually filed a complaint, arguing that advertising for movies with an MA15+ rating (which this movie has) should be restricted in some places.

    A family therapist told 9News that parents should acknowledge their kid's fears, but also help them understand that Pennywise is a pretend character.

    One could argue that children feeling scared about a horror movie means the film's marketing team has done an outstanding job.