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    Pickle Bouquets Are Now Officially A Thing Just In Time For Valentine's Day

    Because nothing says “I love you” like a bunch of pickles.

    Move over flowers and chocolate. You’re so last year. There’s a new Valentine’s Day “arrangement” making the rounds.

    We’re talking about pickle bouquets. Yep. The dill kind.

    Although they’re not selling the bouquets themselves, they’re strongly encouraging people to try making a pickle bouquet of their own.

    People online couldn’t agree more. And the "dill" pun was inevitable.

    #Valentines is a #bigdill! Feeling crafty @mammaloves ?

    People are really getting behind this display of affection.

    Forget flowers on valentine’s day. If you love me, send me a pickle bouquet.

    I could totally get behind a pickle bouquet.

    If anyone wants to send this to me I will very willingly accept

    Others are straight up expecting it. IF I DO NOT RECEIVE ONE OF THESE I WILL BE LIVID. I WILL RIOT.

    So what are you waiting for?