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    These Price Descriptions Hilariously Oversell Items At A Thrift Store

    One person's trash is another person's treasure.

    Depending on how you look at it, thrift stores are either a treasure trove of collectibles or just a heap of junk nobody wants.

    Photo by Becca McHaffie on Unsplash / Via

    Well, one shopper shared this post recently of what she saw when she went to a Salvation Army Family store...

    ...and noticed some rather comical handwritten item descriptions.

    Like this note by an old rusty-looking bell that invites customers to "summon things like butlers, maids, children, or angry poltergeists using this bell."

    nicole728 / Via

    How creative is that?

    Or how about this very special wood-looking (most likely plastic) Avon box touting an "aftershave that looks and smells like you put something in your pipe and smoked it."

    nicole728 / Via

    Now that's classy.

    Then there was this sad-looking Batman mask daring the would-be owner to "solve society's problems by being rich and punching people."

    nicole728 / Via

    You know, the Bruce Wayne way.

    And there was also this inconspicuous crystal pendant that may or may not have come from an ancient Mayan ziggurat.

    nicole728 / Via

    Hey, you can afford to roll the dice for the bargain price of $4.99.

    How about this "nifty case of old silverware that looks like it could contain some sort of spy gadget?"

    Nicole728 / Via

    So, you basically get to feel like James Bond for only $40.

    There was also this old school Baby Brownie camera. "Use it to take incriminating photos because who expects a film camera to still actually work."

    Nicole 728 / Via

    For reals though.

    And who could pass up the chance to purchase this "oil painting set with the face of a husky George Bush?"

    Nicole728 / Via

    It's funny because it's true.

    Another cleverly-marked item looked like just a useless ornament, but who's to say it wasn't a "fancy slice of rock that catches the sun just right?"

    Nicole728 / Via

    There's only one way to find out.

    And no, this isn't some boring candleholder, it's a dynamic duck and duckling duo "capable of sustaining fire?"

    Nicole728 / Via

    Last but not least, who can resist this crib for a really small baby?

    Nicole728 / Via

    Never underestimate the power of proper marketing.

    People are loving these clever descriptions. Kudos to the mystery thrift store worker who has a hilarious way with words!

    Family Guy / Via

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