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    Updated on Sep 25, 2018. Posted on Sep 25, 2018

    A Group Of People Will Lay In A Coffin For 30 Hours For A Six Flags Challenge

    Claustrophobes need not apply.

    Would you lie inside a coffin for over a day for a few hundred bucks and some prizes?

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    Well, that’s exactly what the Six Flags in St. Louis is offering to six (brave) participants for their Fright Fest.

    Six Flags St. Louis / Via

    That’s right. They’re hosting a “30-Hour Coffin Challenge” on October 13th from 1 p.m. until 7 p.m. on the following day.

    Those who choose to partake will lie in “slightly used” coffins measuring 2 feet wide by 7 feet long, as they get random visits from “Fright Fest Freaks.”

    KRON / Via

    They will get meals, snacks and drinks, and get a chance to use the restroom for a few minutes every hour.

    Get this: The coffins will be outfitted with phone-charging stations because…duh! They want the people in the coffin to Snapchat and Instagram their "spook-tacular" experience.

    KRON / Via

    Participants are allowed to take their own pillow, sleeping bag or blanket for maximum comfort in their “death box.”

    So…those who make it 30 hours get $300, right?


    Wrong. Those who make it will enter a drawing for the $300 cash prize.

    Six Flags is also throwing in two 2019 Gold Season passes, a “Fright Fest” prize package, and some ride passes.

    Six Flags / Via

    Oh, and the winner also gets to keep the coffin, which could serve as a rather interesting living room accent piece, don'tcha think?

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