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    People In Sweden Like To Think Outside Of The Pizza Box When It Comes To Toppings

    You put what on your pizza?

    They say there's no such thing as bad pizza. Who knows who "they" are in this scenario, but you get the idea.

    Yet every now and then Sweden pops up to make us all question that very notion with their questionable pizza toppings…like banana and curry.

    @sjohyenar You might have some hidden Swedish genes that kicks in when you make banana/Curry pizza

    Then there's the highly-debatable pineapple topping, that's also apparently a totally Swedish thing.

    @Dougdesautels Pinneapple on pizza is such a swedish thing to like. Almost every swedish guy i know (including myself) likes that shit but almost none of my international friends does lmao

    This is causing some to proclaim their love of all things #swedishpizza.

    If this is wrong, I don’t wanna be right 🤤 #swedishpizza

    Someone even stumbled upon a honey, fig and walnut option for vegetarians.

    Properly need to learn Swedish. Just pointed to the vegetarian bit of the menu and some how ended up with a honey, fig and walnut pizza

    And all this talk about bananas, pineapples, and curry on pies is straight up just making some people hungry.

    There was also this nifty observation for good measure in case anybody wondered where all the carbs go.

    Just watched a guy jog by holding a pizza, in case you’re wondering why Swedish people are so fit.

    Now the only question is — would you try any of these pizzas?