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    People Are So Here For The Way Natasha Lyonne Pronounces "Cockroach" On Russian Doll

    Can a word get you pregnant?

    In case you haven't heard, Natasha Lyonne is creating some serious buzz around her new Netflix series “Russian Doll."

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    It revolves around a deja’ vu plot line a’la Groundhog Day.

    But there’s something else that’s taking audiences by storm, and it’s not just the quirky and slightly morbid premise of the show.


    It’s the way Natasha says “cockroach.” You see, people are absolutely loving her pronunciation that sounds more like “cock-a-roach.”

    my sexuality is natasha lyonne saying cockroach in RUSSIAN DOLL

    This tweet reads: "My sexuality is Natasha Lyonne saying cockroach in Russian Doll."

    I love hearing Natasha Lyonne say "cockroach"

    And they truly think her pronunciation is on another level.

    The way Natasha Lyonne says “cockroach” is revolutionary #RussianDoll

    So, now people want answers.

    Who taught Natasha Lyonne how to pronounce cockroach

    Is it just me who loves the way @nlyonne says cockroach in #RussianDollNetflix


    It's kind of endearing, really.

    Shit I'm Into: Both The Other Two and Russian Dolls are incredible shows, and the latter gets a special shout-out because @nlyonne gives the word cockroach the pronunciation of my people, "cock-a-roach." I have never felt more seen.

    We second this motion!

    we should declare a national holiday called The Way Natasha Lyonne Pronounces "Cockroach" Day

    Hey, Netflix — any chance you can make a ringtone available?

    I want Natasha Lyonne adding an ‘a’ to the middle of ‘cockroach’ to be my new ringtone #russiandoll

    @nlyonne saying "cockroach" is my new ringtone. #RussianDoll @RussianDoll 🦇❤️

    @ira @LeslyeHeadland @nlyonne the way she pronounces cockroach is my religion

    I mean, is there really any other way to say it now? We don't think so.

    I see a lot of people talking about Natasha Lyonne’s pronunciation of ‘cockroach’ in Russian Doll but is there another way to say it?! Is this just a New York thing?

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