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    Gordon Ramsay Said 'No' To This New Pickle Pizza People Are Absolutely Loving

    Don't knock it 'til you try it.

    There’s no shortage of food trends nowadays. I mean, have you heard about mac 'n' cheese candy canes or deep-fried you-name-its?


    What will they think of next?

    Well, now you can get yourself a “Pickle Pizza” at a New York pizzeria that people are absolutely loving.

    Rhino's pizzeria and deli Webster NY / Via Facebook: Rhinospizza

    That’s right. Rhino’s Pizzeria and Deli came up with this pickled pizza after telling NBC New York an employee went to a pickle festival. Imagine that?

    Rhino's pizzeria and deli Webster NY / Via Facebook: Rhinospizza

    Cindy Arena, the pizzeria’s manager, said, ““We always try ridiculous toppings and new things, so we thought ‘Why not?’”

    The thing is, the restaurant has been serving this dish for a while, but things really took off when they recently shared this post of their "Pickle Pizza" on Facebook.

    Facebook: Rhinospizza

    Cindy said, “I have people from Canada messaging us asking if I will ship to them. It’s crazy!”

    But not everyone is going gaga over this unlikely pizza pie combination.

    @NBCNewYork @real_farmacist Looks gross, but i love sour anything

    Others are just not about it, like, at all.

    @NBCNewYork I love pickles, but this is just wrong.

    And some are totally open to giving it a try.

    @InsiderFood @thisisinsider I live near here. May have to go try it out with some Ranch. 👍

    It’s worth noting that Rhino's "Pickle Pizza" even caught the attention of chef extraordinaire Gordon Ramsay...but not in a good way.

    Facebook: Rhinospizza

    He just wrote “No” on the video of the pizza that was shared. Your loss, Chef!

    What are your thoughts on the pickle pizza? 🥒🍕