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    Gordon Ramsay Said 'No' To This New Pickle Pizza People Are Absolutely Loving

    Don't knock it 'til you try it.

    There’s no shortage of food trends nowadays. I mean, have you heard about mac 'n' cheese candy canes or deep-fried you-name-its?

    Well, now you can get yourself a “Pickle Pizza” at a New York pizzeria that people are absolutely loving.

    That’s right. Rhino’s Pizzeria and Deli came up with this pickled pizza after telling NBC New York an employee went to a pickle festival. Imagine that?

    The thing is, the restaurant has been serving this dish for a while, but things really took off when they recently shared this post of their "Pickle Pizza" on Facebook.

    Facebook: Rhinospizza

    Cindy said, “I have people from Canada messaging us asking if I will ship to them. It’s crazy!”

    But not everyone is going gaga over this unlikely pizza pie combination.

    @NBCNewYork @real_farmacist Looks gross, but i love sour anything

    Others are just not about it, like, at all.

    @NBCNewYork I love pickles, but this is just wrong.

    And some are totally open to giving it a try.

    @InsiderFood @thisisinsider I live near here. May have to go try it out with some Ranch. 👍

    It’s worth noting that Rhino's "Pickle Pizza" even caught the attention of chef extraordinaire Gordon Ramsay...but not in a good way.

    Facebook: Rhinospizza

    He just wrote “No” on the video of the pizza that was shared. Your loss, Chef!

    What are your thoughts on the pickle pizza? 🥒🍕