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People Are Loving This Hilarious Mom's New Year's Resolutions (or Lack Thereof)

Heather Land already won 2018.

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So it's the new year and we all know what that means, right? New Year's resolutions blah blah blah, be a better person blah blah blah, eat healthier blah blah blah...

Comedy Central / Via

That "blah blah blah" mentality was exactly where Heather Land's head was when she recorded this hilarious video titled "I Ain't Doin' It — New Year's Resolutions."

Facebook: video.php

The "I ain't doin' it" part is her signature catchphrase. Her New Year's Day video has been seen by millions of viewers since being uploaded.

The minute-long video, in which Heather used a ridiculous filter that makes her eyes and mouth look huge, is getting tons of reactions from LOL-ers everywhere. Like this one:

Sharon Gnip / Via Facebook: iaintdoinit

Heather is a writer, a musician, and (clearly) a comedian.

Heather Land / Via Facebook: iaintdoinit

She tells BuzzFeed the millions of people who are laughing — along with the awkward, hilarious, irritating experiences of everyday life — inspire her to create these videos.

"We can either get mad at our experiences or make fun of them. I choose the latter."

Atta girl! And we're all laughing with you, Heather.

Originals / Via

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