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    I Was Today Years Old When I Saw The 8 In The Middle Of An 8 Of Diamonds

    Today years old.

    There are things that pop up every now and then that make you question everything you think you knew.

    Debby Ryan / Via

    Who can forget "the dress" debacle?

    Well, this weekend one of those such things came up when Twitter user @PlinketyPlink posted this on her timeline.

    plinketyplink / Via Twitter: @plinketyplink

    It reads: What age were you when you first saw the 8 in the middle of the 8 of diamonds?

    Ummmm. Let's just say that a ton of people years old?

    @PlinketyPlink @rachelh1711 Now 😯 yrs old

    And the flood of comments began.

    @PlinketyPlink Cripes! I just saw it right now. And in 3 months and 2 days I'll be 67.

    Even people who see a deck of cards a whole lot were surprised by this realization.

    @PlinketyPlink @BillSimmons Today...49 years old & just saw it today. Been playing cards my whole life

    Then there were some who didn't get it, but really wanted to.

    @PlinketyPlink @alwaysnsumshyt somebody make me understand that or see that please

    Which required this hilarious explanation.

    @Hassan_xDD @PlinketyPlink @alwaysnsumshyt May be

    So, what does it say that this tweet went viral? Who knows, but that was sure fun.

    @PlinketyPlink the fact this went viral shows peoples priorities in life.

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