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    One High School Held An "Adulting Day" So Seniors Could Learn Real-World Stuff

    Adulting 101.

    You’ve probably heard that you don’t learn anything in high school that you’ll actually use in real life, right?

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    Well, one high school in Kentucky is looking to change that by hosting an “Adulting Day” where students picked up some real-world skills.

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    The seniors at Bullitt Central High School in Shepherdsville participated in this all-day event where they had one-on-one meetings with community members.

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    They were taught skills like cooking in their dorm rooms, how to change a tire, how to manage credit cards and pay their bills, and even how to interact with police officers during a traffic stop.

    Some people seemed to like this idea.

    @WTOL11Toledo Great idea - I’d argue that personal finances should be an even more extensive high school course.

    While others...not so much.

    @WTOL11Toledo This should be left up to parents TEACHERS barely teach our children as it is.

    Christy Hardin, director of the BCHS Family Resource & Youth Services Center, told WAVE, “I saw a Facebook post that parents passed around saying they needed a class in high school on taxes, and cooking. Our kids can get that, but they have to choose it.”

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    Could this be a growing trend? Because it could make “adulting” a whole lot easier.

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