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A Survivalist Taught Me Everything I Need To Live Off The Grid

Because it's not really an adventure unless things go wrong, amirite?

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Watch as one man tries to achieve the impossible!

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Which is why he decided to ask Dan Baird, founder and head instructor of California Survival School, to teach him a few essential things about how to survive in the wild.


Dan is a backcountry guide, a wilderness survival expert, and an all-around badass.

Then it was time to get down to business. First on the itinerary was learning First Aid! Dan was ready to roll with a real-life scenario situation.


In the event of a serious injury that draws blood, the most important thing is to apply direct pressure and find something to block the wound like a t-shirt, sock or gauze. It was a bloody mess, but Miles got the job done!

Then it was time to gather some materials to make some sort of shelter that would protect you from either getting too hot or too cold.


The adventurous duo got some thick sticks and lots of hay to make a nifty little hut that Miles said felt like going into a scarecrow's butthole. LOL

Last but not least they sparked a nice fire. The dudes opted to start it with a flare stick because (as you'll see) it's hella easy to spark, even if you drop that sucker in water!


Dan also reminded us fire is one of the best tools you can have. It keeps us warm, it provides light, it cleans and it cooks. Basically, fire is the shit.

So main things to remember when out enjoying the great outdoors is to PLAN, man!

#1 Pack what you need

#2 Learn what you should know

#3 Alert the right people

#4 Never skip steps

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