Forget Bankruptcy — Toys 'R' Us Now Plans To Make A Major Comeback

    Geoffrey the Giraffe lives to see another day!

    It was a collectively sad day in America back in June of this year when the last of Toys “R” Us stores closed its doors.

    People everywhere were obviously heartbroken. I mean, it’s Toys “R” Us, a freaking toys superstore.

    But wait… There appear to be signs of life after it was revealed this week that there may be a major comeback in the works for both Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us.

    Now people are rejoicing (and having a little fun) with this awesome piece of news.

    Pull those Geoffrey the Giraffe shirts out of storage, because #ToysRUs could be reopening its doors:

    I mean, it's a helluva comeback story.

    "We fall down... but we get up!" #GeoffreyIsBack #ToysRUs

    Aww, shucks! Bring it back Geoffrey! Bring it ALL back! I thought I told you that we won't stop... #ToysRUs #Remix

    Guess Geoffrey needs to unpack his bag and get ready to go back to work. Hope you enjoyed retirement but we would all love every kid a chance to be a Toys R Us kid. Let's go Geoffrey! #ToysRUs

    Hooray! It seems Geoffrey the Giraffe lives to see another day!