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    Here Are 15 Hilarious Reactions To Facebook's New Dating App That Just Launched

    Let the romancing begin.

    Facebook just launched its Facebook Dating app in the US.

    Matches will reportedly be suggested to you based on your profile, interests, and (of course) Facebook activity.

    People's reactions to Facebook Dating were swift. So, we decided to compile 15 of the funniest reactions we've come across so far.

    1. Great! One more way people can pretend to be someone else.

    Already experiencing some glitches on #FacebookDating I can either be 5' 5" or 6' - but I cannot be 5' 11" Out of those two options, you can guess which one I went with

    2. Some even have jokes about Facebook's new matchmaking algorithm.

    Facebook Dating will use their matchmaking algorithm to find the foreign power hacking our elections who is right for you.

    3. Facts.

    The only 2 problems I can see with Facebook Dating are the Facebook part and the Dating part.

    4. This one's funny because it's true.

    @quciferskittles @natnatles Facebook dating? Is this all your friends on Facebook still single compiled into a list?

    5. Two words: train wreck.

    I saw that Facebook Dating was trending, and this was the first image that popped into my head.

    6. Doh!

    I like how Facebook Dating notifies you when your husband signs up

    7. How a typical conversation might go.

    Facebook: Hey Amanda, maybe you should sign up for Facebook Dating today! Amanda: Um, I'm engaged, thanks. Facebook: Not for very much longer... Amanda: What? Facebook: What?

    8. Would you agree?

    Facebook is trying to ruin everyone’s committed relationship aren’t they? #FacebookDating

    9. What could go wrong?

    We don't know if we like likes, but we like the idea of you liking each other. ... If you’re in the USA and 18+, you can sign up for a #FacebookDating profile today to connect with your crushes from Insta and FB. What could go wrong? 😂

    10. Will using Facebook Dating be a sign of desperation?

    How desperate are you to date someone? I signed up for #FacebookDating

    11. Aren't you curious who you'd be "hooked up" with?

    I've only been on Facebook Dating for like 5 minutes and I've already been matched with a hammock, a new pillow top mattress, a Honda Civic and a... oh wait this is Facebook Marketplace

    12. Was Facebook Dating even necessary?

    Me: *living my life, enjoying the day* Facebook: “So just a reminder, you’re single and lonely” #FacebookDating

    13. Or is it just one more way to get rejected?

    Great, now when I get rejected people can like and share it. #FacebookDating

    14. In a nutshell...

    My thought when I saw #FacebookDating was trending!💀😂

    15. The general consensus seems to go a little like this:

    Dear Facebook, Fuck off. Love, G #facebookdating