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    People In Ethiopia Broke A Record By Planting 350 Million Trees In Just 12 Hours

    How are *you* saving the planet?

    Ethiopia just set a world record when it comes to their efforts to save our planet. / Via eyedesyn

    That’s because they planted 353 million trees (yep! million) in 12 hours to fight back against global warming.

    BREAKING NEWS!! ETHIOPIA PLANTED 353,633,660 TREE SEEDLINGS IN 12Hours #GreenLegacyEthiopia #PMOEthiopia

    This tweet was shared by the former minister for science and technology in Ethiopia.

    It all started as a challenge presented by the prime minister to plant 200 million trees in one day, while trying to break the world record.

    Today #Ethiopia is set in our attempt to break the world record together for a #GreenLegacy. The 12hr countdown has begun. α‹›αˆ¬ α‰ αŠα‰‚αˆ΅ α‹ˆα‰°αŠ• #αŠ αˆ¨αŠ•αŒ“α‹΄αŠ αˆ»αˆ« አα‰₯αˆ¨αŠ• αŠ₯α‹«αŠ–αˆ­αŠ• α‹¨αŠ αˆˆαˆ ክα‰₯ረ α‹ˆαˆ°αŠ• αˆˆαˆ˜αˆ΅α‰ αˆ­ αŠ₯αŠ•α‰°αŠ­αˆ‹αˆˆαŠ•:: #PMOEthiopia

    Millions of people reportedly participated in this nationwide effort called β€œGreen Legacy.”

    Huge number of people heading to plant trees in what is the most ambitious, large scale and ecologically transformational campaigns in recent memory. #GreenLegacy #Ethiopia

    Twitter: amirabiy / Via Twitter: @amirabiy

    People are now suggesting this be done every year.

    This #GreenLegacy campaign is incredible. It should be done every year. Of course we must try our best the plants survive the dry season.

    I mean, it was truly history in the making.

    We are making history today. #Ethiopia attempting to break the record for the most planted trees in a single day! Pictures from a planting site at Yeka, #AddisAbaba #GreenLegacy #αŠ αˆ¨αŠ•αŒ“α‹΄αŠ αˆ»αˆ«

    Some are even sharing photos of themselves and their kids participating in this epic event.

    #Greenlegacy Ethiopia With my little boy

    The Ethiopian minister of health said #GreenLegacy was "creating a blueprint" for their kids.

    #GreenLegacy is a vision for the next generation. It is creating a blueprint for them and showing them the way. #GreenEthiopia #HealthyEthiopia πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ή

    Now if only we could keep this momentum going. Maybe we can shoot for 400 million trees here in the states?

    Red & Howling / Via

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