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    The New Dreamsicle Cones At Dairy Queen Might Be Your New Favorite Dessert

    I want to go to there.

    Companies have gotten really creative with their food mashups nowadays and appeal to people’s ever-expanding taste buds.

    Which is why Dairy Queen just introduced these saliva-inducing Dreamsicle-Dipped Cones just in time for spring.

    I dream. You dream. We all dream. For Dreamsicle. 🎵 #HappyTastesGood

    Dairy Queen/Chew Boom / Via

    They just made it official because speculation was building after the Dreamsicle cones were seen at a few select locations.

    A Dairy Queen rep tells Buzzfeed they are, "made with world-famous DQ soft serve, and a vibrantly colored, creamy orange and vanilla flavored coating with a signature cone dip crunch.” Yum!

    Delish pointed out that Dairy Queen had sneakily made reference to this brand new cone in a recent press release.

    Also, the cones were being spotted in cities around the country, as revealed in these tweets.

    I, for one, look forward to @mattfromnl's views on this dreamsicle cone

    psa: dairy queen has dreamsicle dipped cones 🤩 if you’re an orange dreamsicle fan like me

    And they're apparently as tasty as they look.

    Thank you @DairyQueen for the orange dreamsicle cone!! Omg it tastes fantastic!!

    So the anticipation was slowly but surely building.

    If this isn't at any of our local Dairy Queens, I legit may cry. Or make a trip somewhere. This is serious business! #DairyQueen #Dreamsicle 🍦🍊

    So when are these officially available? The DQ rep tells Buzzfeed, “Since DQ is franchised, operators decide whether they want to offer all products themselves so we always say it’s offered at participating locations."

    @trinagrochowski It sure is! Orange you glad the Dreamsicle is here? Check with your local DQ for participation 😊

    Dairy Queen / Delish / Via

    In other words: Keep calm and check if your local DQ is participating.

    P.S. Yes, dreams really do come true...

    I just read that Dairy Queen has a new #dreamsicle cone which means dreams really do come true. xoxo