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    People Are Genuinely Torn Over This New Buffalo Wild Wings Pumpkin Spice Flavor

    Too far?

    As we revel in this glorious fall weather, most of us are also suckers for a good pumpkin spice anything.

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    But wait. We have to ask ourselves once again: Does that flavor actually taste good on all edible things? Like wings?

    Now you can find out for yourself because Buffalo Wild Wings introduced (you guessed it!) a pumpkin spice wing sauce to its menu.

    Buffalo Wild Wings / Via

    Their website describes it as “Ale mixes with BBQ flavors and pumpkin spice for a taste of the season.”

    That’s right, diners at the popular sports bar chain now have the option to get some wings marinated in their brand spankin' new BBQ Pumpkin Ale sauce.

    When @BWWings comes out with #PumpkinSpice wings you know the craze is #OuttaControl I mean #TheresOtherFallFlavors people

    People are genuinely divided when it comes to these new pumpkin spice-flavored wings.

    Alright... This #pumpkinspice thing has gone too far.

    Some are even skeptical of the companies themselves for buying into this whole pumpkin spice trend to begin with.

    I think companies are just adding #pumpkinspice to everything just to get attention. They can't possibly think this stuff tastes good #foodies

    Then there's people who are totally game.

    So, if you’re into it, Buffalo Wild Wings will only be offering this fall exclusive flavor for a limited time.